Type of

Natural gas

water heater

Energy FactorRebate
Tank <55 gal.67 EF$75

.70 EF



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In need of a water heater?

How do you know? 

Does it leak? Yes need to replace

Serial number will start with the month of manufacture and then year

if it's more then 12 years old and not running well yes you should replace. 

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Water heater discriptions rheem website

White glove service:

We will use drop clothes, Remove and dispose of you old water heater. Replace and start up the new one. We cover our work for a entire year. If the water heater decides not to work properly we will come and get it running. Manufactures Warrantie is 6 years

Water heaters come in different shape and sizes. 

  • Atmospheric has a direct pipe that usually goes through the roof 
  • this one has a .62 energy rating
  •      ​Power vent has a motor ontop of the water heater 
  • this one has a .67 energy rating
  • water heaters come in many sizes to accommodate your needs
  • some water heaters use gas and have a flame
  • some use electricity 

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Type of natural gas water heaterEnergy FactorRebate
Tank (atmospheric) 
.67 and higher EF$75
Tank (power vent)
 .67 and higher EF

 88% Thermal efficiency (>75,000Btu/hr

Commercial water in residental application 

Indirect water heater
Tankless.90 and higher EF$250